The Old Tick Tock

This world stops for no one, and the clock hands moves forward with a cold lack of sympathy. People are born, people die, people forget to watch the road and slam into the car in front of them. Things happen, and it’s nobody, and everybody’s, own damn fault. This 2008 is wrapping up at quite an accelerated pace and things couldn’t be changing for me any quicker. In fact, I think 2008 has been my biggest year of change to date.

I have gone through so much in the last 12 months it almost boggles my mind. I have had so many experiences, both good and bad. I started this year off with a goal to focus on my own endeavors and stop working so hard to please others. I began this year with a renewed passion for my work, a(nother) new car (Nissan 240SX, S14), an ongoing house-search, and a new outlook for this upcoming year. This lucid outlook on life was quickly interrupted however.

By the end of January, the 240sx had been rear-ended by a girl in a Tiburon (my neck and back still hurt to this day from it, see what being so tense gets you?) and my relationships were headed down the gutter. I had found out my current girlfriend(the mistake) was cheating on me with some pool boy mexican, my ex-girlfriend(the lover) who I still talked to almost everyday and was talking to about getting back together, was having sex with four guys, all of which I knew and knew me. She says it was “a mistake” I say “NO$H!T. I think I’m starting to understand why my dear friend made his decision, some things are just too much to bear. Things didn’t get much better from there..

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