Remote Control Cars

I’ve never been a huge RC follower or hobbyist but I’ve always loved playing with them. With the big new yard, me and several of my friends setup an RC track in one corner. We pulled a bunch of trees out that were dying slow deaths and made a few berms, a woop section, couple jumps, and started pounding the dirt!

With so many of my friends being into the RC scene and seeing how big the hobby actually is nowadays (there are legitimate RC events and races now, with large purses, paid professionals, etc.). I’ve decided to add another website to my growing network of enthusiasts websites.

The new website will be called, simply.. I decided to throw traditional domain name sense to the wind and go for something unique and hopefully catchy. That’s right.. no DOT COM, or DOT NET. Crazy! is the url for the Forums section of the site.

The site will feature product and car reviews, upcoming events, and other content related to the RC scene.