Quickbooks 2008 Not Loading, Shows Loading Screen for a moment then disappears

I wake up Monday, expecting it to be like any other. I mosey around for a little while, get a few computers fixed that I have been waiting on software and parts for, pay a few bills, and get ready to start my work day. The prior Friday, I had spoken briefly with a customer about her Quickbooks acting funny when she was trying to start it. This was just the start.. little did I know I would get bombarded with Quickbook issues almost all day! I am a mobile computer technician and support many local businesses, so when something doesn’t work, I’m getting a call to get over there and fix it asap.

I make my way over to my first (and last, I thought) onsite appointment of the day. I get there and am confronted with a computer that has three different versions of Quickbooks installed on it. 2005, 2007, and 2008 are all listed in the control panel add/remove programs dialog. To begin, I try running 2008. It pops up the loading screen, waits there for about 30 seconds or so, then disappears entirely.. it was like I hadn’t even clicked it. No error, no alert, nothing.


1. Uninstall .Net using the Microsoft .Net Cleaner Utility. You can download it here.

2. Download and install the latest .Net Redistributable Package. I installed .Net 2.0, available here.

3. Download and install the latest Quickbooks Update Patch, available here.

4. Reboot, and enjoy your working version of Quickbooks 2008!