The Four-Day Workweek is Gaining Support

As a self-employed business owner, I enjoyed this article on several levels. It shows the mainstream work-force is becoming more aligned with what works nowadays. A shift like this in the general workforce this could really help workers and the US society in a few ways, beside the obvious reduction in energy consumption, traffic congestion, etc.

Unfortunately I don’t foresee my 7×12 hour work-week going anywhere anytime soon… but it’s nice to dream! Just imagine.. a 3 day weekend every week, then I’d just need a pool! Ahh, ok.. back to work! 🙂

In an era when most of us seem to be working more hours than ever (provided we’re still lucky enough to have jobs), 17,000 people in Utah have embarked on an unusual experiment. A year ago, the Beehive State became the first in the U.S. to mandate a four-day workweek for most state employees, closing offices on Fridays in an effort to reduce energy costs. The move is different from a furlough in that salaries were not cut; nor was the total amount of time employees work. They pack in 40 hours by starting earlier and staying later four days a week. But on that fifth (glorious) day, they don’t have to commute, and their offices don’t need to be heated, cooled or lit.