Ralls Precision Machine

Client Work

Friends with the owner, Andy, I took the initiative to setup their first web presence in 2007.

After being in business for several years, I was surprised they hadn’t taken the steps to establish a website. So, I gave them a complimentary website and domain name (covered the costs out-of-pocket) and helped promote it online for several years.

To begin, I provided free website and email hosting, then around 2010 they agreed to begin paying me for their basic hosting services. Around this time, I also began helping out around the shop with basic graphic design tasks and IT consulting as needed.

After some growing pains during the rapid expansion of the hosting company (things grew a little too big, too fast), the server they were on experienced some extended downtime. This of course caused some problems in regards to their email and I complied with handing over full control of things relating to the website and email. Since then they’ve had the website redone by another local design company.

Despite the break in business relations, I still whole-heartedly recommend Ralls Precision Machine shop for all of your machining needs! They do GREAT work and are a really easy-going crew.