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I’ve been a car guy for a long time. I grew up under a car with my dad wrenching. As soon as I was old enough to hold a wrench I was helping him hold stuff and handing him tools. Naturally, as I got older, I took an interest in cars and being a guy, into automotive performance. I love the sound of a high compression v8 or a low compression twin turbo v6 or inline 4 (like my Honda or 300ZX)! I just love the sound of that raw power!

About two years ago I started the website with about 10 related domains linked to it with make and model specific forums. Some of the forums took off and are still growing today. However, I was a little disappointed with the name CarBoards, or CarForums would’ve been nice.. but I don’t dig the hyphenated name. So, as a result, and because I own another domain which would fit better in my opinion, I’ve decided to officially change the name of and the network to The Automotive Discussion Network, or simply,

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